E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a 1982 American science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. It tells the story of Elliott a lonely boy who befriends a friendly extraterrestrial, dubbed "E.T.", who is stranded on Earth. Elliott and his brother and sister help the extraterrestrial return home while attempting to keep it hidden from their mother and the government.
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  • Sliced bread
  • slices of ham
  • a toaster
  • your imagination


Halloween is coming and you can participate in our first Halloween pumpkin contest bringing a scary and original pumpkin.
Pumpkins can be delivered to your English teacher from next Monday to Wednesday (27 October).
You can carve your pumpkin on-line here
Patterns here



Next task, kids: send me an e-mail card.You'll find out several pages where this service is offered for free.
Here you have a list:
And this is mine:
Click here


Longplayer is a piece of music that is designed to last for one thousand years. It started to play on 1 January 2000, and if all goes as planned, will continue without repetition until 31 December 2999, at which point it will restart.

Longplayer is based on an existing piece of music, 20 minutes and 20 seconds in length, which is processed by computer using a simple algorithm. This gives a large number of variations, which, when played consecutively, gives a total runtime of 1000 years.

The original music was composed by Jem Finer, who was also one of the founding members of the group The Pogues. It uses Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, which are able to create a range of sounds by either striking or rolling pieces of wood around the rims. This source music was recorded in December 1999. It was commissioned by Artangel.

Longplayer could be heard in the relaxation zone of the Millennium Dome in London during its year of opening in 2000. The piece was also played in the 19th century lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf and other public listening posts in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Egypt, where it can still be heard today


Another 'souvenir' for the queen. The Chilean president, Sebastian Pinera, who is visiting London, has given to Queen Elizabeth II a rock extracted from the San José mine where 33 miners were buried for 69 days.


Nuria Vizcaíno Cobos surprised me with this cute short story. Thank you, Nuri
Mr. Carrot on Storybird


COLUMBUS DAY is on October 12th.
Many countries  celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas,  which occurred on October 12, 1492. If you want to review what you know about him or simply play, have a look at the following poster.


I´m so happy with your story, kids. You got an A+ WOOOOOOOO!It was written by level 5. They had to write an story and I remembered my story bird writing skills and this is the awesome result.


Today we had so much fun working with our brand new laptops. We drew our names using the Word programme . We looked for a picture for each letter of our name and we had to guess the names of our schoolmates.
Can you guess these names?

Andrea, Dani and Noemi (Year 5)