These are cute puppies, aren´t they?
The Shiba Inu dog is a  dog breed. It looks like a  teddy bear but the Shiba is not a toy. It is a very lively little dog. and  each one is an individual with his own personality

- Bella (Purple collar/was pink) - 1 lb 12.6 oz as of Jan 30th
- Beni-Bara (Red color) - 1 lb 7.6 oz as of Jan 30th

- Bonsai (Blue collar) - 1 lb 9.8 oz as of Jan 30th
- Bento (Black collar) - 1 lb 10.6 oz as of Jan 30th
- Byakko (Green collar) - 1 lb 10.8 oz as of Jan 30th
BREED= raza
1 lb= 1 pound= 0.454 kilograms
oz= ounce= 28 grams
If you go to this website you can see the puppies where younger

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