• Introduction
A cup of tea is the second most consumed drink in the world next to water and it's my favourite drink.In this quest we want you to find out some fascinating facts about tea.
  • Your quest
Your quest is to discover as much as you can about tea. You may find the facts about tea surprising!To complete your task you will need to do the following:
- Step one:
Open your internet browser, for example Firefox.
- Step two:
Type into the address bar the address of a search engine and click the go button. For example you could use one of the following:
- Step three:
Find out the answers to questions about tea. You'll need to read through the questions and think about the keywords you'll put into the search engine to find the answer.
- Step four:
A list of results will appear.

:-) Happy searching!
  • Questions about tea:
1. Where does tea originate from?
2. What are the four basic types of tea?
3. How many of cups of tea do the British drink each day?
4. How many cups of tea has Britain consumed today so far?

  • Final task:
Write a report and send it to me by e-mail.

Source (http://www.bbc.co.uk/webwise/courses/internet-basics/lessons/internet-search-challenge )

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